Vampire: Dark Ages

Session #1

Meeting of the Damned

Our story begins on the cold, clear night of February 1, 2013. Across the Portland area, word is being spread among the Kindred that there is to be an important city meeting held tonight at midnight at the court house.

For some, the evening passes with routine activity. A young female vampire stalks the local night clubs for prey. She finds an unsuspecting human to enjoy her evening with who will wake up with one hell of a hang over. Elsewhere, the elusive Batman is keeping Portland’s streets safer by fighting crime. Where will he strike next?

At OHSU, exsanguinated bodies arrive in the morgue with no wounds, stumping the expert physiologist. Soon after filing his report, he is visited by a police detective and his ‘consultant’ who turn out to also be Kindred.

Meanwhile, somewhere in a dark basement, an imprisoned werewolf has been fighting for his sanity and freedom. Ruthless torture is just the beginning as he finds that not even the power of the mighty Gauru can save him from the twisted effects of vampire’s Vitae.

By midnight, most have convened for the Meeting of the Damned where the Kindred discuss their city affairs and all are reminded that the Prince’s word is Law.

Quote of the week: Bruce: “I’m Batman.”

Dawn’s Notes

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