Vampire: Dark Ages

Session #2

Night On the Town

Immediately after the meeting, it’s time to feed and go about the work of the Masquerade. Valerie takes James hunting but looses control of her hungry beast. At OHSU, Batman convinces a dubious Jacob that it’s in his best interest to come with him to a meeting. After jumping off a roof and a ride in the batmobile, the bewildered doctor is escorted into Club Fate where he meets the Sheriff.

Elsewhere, an investigating vampire meets a fellow Kindred in search of her missing sire, but can she trust his help? He eventually tracks down the Hound Duke and his not-so-loyal pet Hunter who share his mission in locating a mysterious enemy Mr. Black.

Quote of the week:
Sheriff: “What did you think of this Hunter?”
Jacob: “He was hot. And delicious smelling.”

Dawn’s Notes

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