Vampire: Dark Ages

Session #5

Whose Corpse is This?

Willow wakes up in a garage to learn that she’s found her serial killer’s home, as his latest victim. Now if she can only get out of it before he gets back—surely the neighbors will be good, right?

James is called in to help investigate a sudden massive explosion at Hobo’s where he learns first hand what it means to fear fire. After a long drive and a brief discussion with Hunter about a stolen bike, James joins Valerye and Ruth who have a vampire corpse to stash until sundown. What better place than a church boiler room?

Elsewhere, Hunter is once again free on the streets of Portland thanks to Jacob. After meeting with a primogen, he sets out to make new roots and fast cash. Jacob seeks to expand his horizons in the vampire community by meeting up with members of the Invictus covenant who are happy to put him to use.

Oh, and few humans get together for a brief chat. Nothing to see here!

Quote of the week:
David: It’s not necrophilia if you’re dead too, right?

Dawn’s Notes

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