Ruth O'Mally


Ruth was born with bulging eyes and a misshapen head. Since her turning her skin has took on a jaundice parlor and tends to sag. Twenty-five at her change she appears a lot older to those who look closely. To not stand out she wears a hat and black clothes. Ruth has a bad habit of staring and suffers from mild mood swings.


Brought up with an abusive father and tormented by her peers for her ugliness, Ruth lived a solitary life finding solace in her books and studies. Was stalked and turned by her sire, George, who was infatuated by her ugliness and solitary life. George, a horribly grotesque vampire, instructed Ruth about her new “life”, but cautioned her about showing herself and trusting other vampires because they would not understand her ugly nature.
Spends her time almost as before the change in isolated loneliness. She satisfies her curious nature in study of old books or sitting in on night classes. Has been known to break into places to seek out new information and sometimes on a whim will do vigilante work.

Ruth O'Mally

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