WillIam Bickerstaff

Well dressed, underground dwelling Nosferatu ready to help you with your needs


Black Hair
Blue Eyes

Carries a fancy silver headed cane and wears a top hot most of the time.


William appeared in Portland about 10 years ago. He speaks with a slight english accent and always dresses well, if about 80 years behind the times. Despite his physical appearance there is an aura of violence and aroma of death and rotting blood that never seems to leave him.

He is reticent to talk of his past but he has been around for a long time. He makes his living helping with little “chores”, for other vampires as well as occasionally doing jobs for some of the criminal elements in Portland. Delivering messages, finding lost souls or helping you dispose of a body, William is your killer in the shadows.

He lives underground in the Shanghai tunnels under portland and has been known to pop up in unexpected places.

WillIam Bickerstaff

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