Character Scenes

Feeling the urge to develop your character and explore the details of WOD: The Crimson Rose? Curious about what might be going on with other characters and how they get along when you’re not looking? You’re in the right place…

Some of us are having too much fun to limit our story-telling to our game sessions. This page contains links to scenes and story content that take place before/during/after what is played out at the table. If you have anything you’d like to contribute, please email it to Dawn with the appropriate in-game date/time.

Scenes are listed chronologically with the in-game date/time.

Cautious Introductions – 1/12/13. Surprise is in store when Jacob and Hunter meet for the first time. (Written by Dawn and Andrew.)
Drugs on a Park Bench – 1/14/13. Jacob and Hunter continue to sniff each other out as they pursue a business arrangement to further their individual goals. (Written by Dawn and Andrew.)
Trapped and Outnumbered – 1/15/13. Odds are not in Hunter’s favor when he is ambushed by vampires who have no intention of fighting fair. (Directed by Adam; written by Dawn.)

Session #1
From Bad to Totally Screwed – 2/1/13. After seventeen days, Hunter finally learns why his malicious captors have been forcing him to drink their blood. (Based off of Session #1 in-game notes. Written by Dawn.)
Text Message Warning – 2/2/13 1am. The Meeting is over and Hunter is quick to reconnect with his only trusted ally. Jacob has already made preparations and hopes that drastic measures won’t be necessary for survival. (Written by Dawn and Andrew.)
The Dark Knight – 2/2/12 1:15am. Jacob receives an unexpected visit from a man in a mask, cape and nippled suit. (Written by Andrew and David.)

Session #2
Testing the Cage – 2/2/13 2am. Hunter’s been made to sit and to heel, but can he be made to stay? (Written by Dawn)
Home Sweet Haven – 2/2/13 2am. Eager to put the night’s events behind him, Jacob heads home. (Written by Andrew)

Session #3
Dog House – 2/2/13 4am. Short tid-bit. (Written by Dawn)
Truth and Half-Truths – 2/2/13 7:30pm. A request for help turns into a revealing ten-minute phone call when Hunter comes up with an escape plan and Jacob begins a quest for answers. (Written by Andrew and Dawn)

Session #4
Moment of Trust – 2/3/13 1:30am. Jacob is unexpectedly confronted by second thoughts about helping Hunter when he arrives to find the werewolf has a hostage. (Written by Dawn and Andrew)

Session #5
House Call – 2/3/13 7am. Hunter shows up uninvited at Jacob’s condo. (Written by Dawn and Andrew)

Session #6
Eye to Eye – 2/4/13 2am. Jacob has finally learned about the fate of Hobo’s Restaurant and confronts Hunter about the morality of his actions. (Written by Dawn and Andrew)

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Character Scenes

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