Hunter has the powerful presence of a predator, ranging anywhere from creepy and intimidating to downright feral and frightening. Standing easily at six-three and two hundred twenty pounds, his muscular body reflects many hours spent in heavy physical training. He currently keeps his dark-brown hair at a medium length with a short, well-kept beard and slightly longer goatee. By far his most striking facial feature are his dark, stone-cold brown eyes that are known for their penetrating stare. He usually keeps all trace of his thoughts and emotions from showing, preferring to remain as unreadable as possible. More recently, he tends to have an aura of restrained anger more often than not. Although they’re not always visible, he has his share of tattoos he obtained in prison.


Full name: Aaron Blake Hunter
Age: 42
Race: werewolf
Auspice: Rahu
Tribe: Blood Talons
Kindred Title: The Dog/Pet
Player: Dawn

Hunter’s File…
Born March 2, 1970 in Portland, OR
Local inmate records at OSP…
Sentenced in 1986 to 4 consecutive life sentences without possibility of parole for:
- 4 counts of aggravated murder
- 4 counts of assault I
- Rape I
- Burglary 1
Escaped August 25, 2012. Currently still at large.

Dalu form:
Gauru form:
Urshual form:
Urhan form:


Vampire: Dark Ages Squee